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Master the Fundamentals and improve your golf game

-Are you new to the game and want to learn the right way to play golf from the ground up?

-Are you a player with a year or two of experience but just cannot seem to make any improvement?

-Are you a seasoned golfer and want to master the fundamentals?

-Do you want to learn at your own pace with easy to follow videos and drills you can start using immediately?

Have you seen golf videos that leave you with more questions than answers?  Me too, so I developed videos to introduce the fundamentals of golf in a way you can implement immediately and see instant improvement.

The videos teach the fundamentals of grip, address position and alignment as well as what it feels like to swing the golf club in balance.

The real secret of golf is to swing the club with freedom and without tension. You will learn how to feel tension in your body and how to eliminate it to produce an effortless and consistent golf swing.  When you eliminate tension your swing speed increases to produce the most accuracy and consistency.  You will also feel more relaxed and pain free.  It is tension that leads to pain and soreness.

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Join for today for $19.99 a year and Master the Fundamentals to build a consistent and more enjoyable golf game.  Practice the drills and see your golf game improve!

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If the fundamentals are not mastered, you will only reinforce bad habits that keep you from improving.

I keep it simple and fun with easy to follow videos that concentrate on one specific part of your game.

Golf Videos Membership - What to Expect

Members receive golf video instruction teaching the fundamentals of golf and all aspects of the game including...

The grip, address position, putting, chipping, sand shots, pitching, full swing, driver and golf course management.

The drills reinforce the fundamentals and teach you how to feel a proper swing; and also give you an instant way to take the lesson and incorporate it into your game on the range, on the course... or even in your backyard or office.

You will feel comfortable on the golf course and have fun since you will have a solid grasp on the fundamentals necessary to improve your score with each and every round.

Golf Videos Membership - achieve results 

For the beginner, the videos are designed so you immediately feel and see results.

For the experienced player, the videos reinforce the fundamentals for the consistency and accuracy that is missing in your game.

Everyone who plays the game knows that mastering the fundamentals is essential to improving; and there is always something new to learn.

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  1. Austin A says:

    Mr. Erik Kutz has vast knowledge of all aspects of golf. More importantly he knows how to translate all this knowledge to his students. He teaches you in away that is easily understood so you can apply it toward your goal, which is becoming better at golf. The first lesson I had with him took my golf to the next level!

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