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I am a PGA Teaching Professional who has taught hundreds of Women, Men and Juniors of all ages to play golf.  I have developed this series of videos to teach players the fundamentals to enjoy a lifetime of golf.

Teaching Philosophy

I want to help you find your best, most consistent swing.  We are not all built the same and should not all swing the same.  Mastering the fundamentals with proper swing mechanics will allow you to execute consistent swings and play better golf.

I teach students what to feel, what to see and what to hear during the swing.  If your body is out of position or out of balance, the golf club will be out of position and tension is introduced which slows down the swing and interferes with the true swing path.  The videos teach you how to feel your balance so you can feel if the club is on its true path.  When the club is out of position your balance will be compromised and the shot cannot be executed properly.

I often ask students if they have pushed a child on a swingset.  The swinging motion is the same on the playground as it is on the golf course.  To push the child higher you must allow the swing to begin its down swing then apply slight pressure as the child swings down to produce a higher flight.  What happens if you push too fast or too soon?  What if you push harder with one hand over the other?  The child swings off balance and the motion is compromised, thusly the child does not swing higher on the other side.  Your spine is the top bar of the swing and your arms are the chains.  The chains are relaxed and tension free until you add the small weight of a child, then they produce a consistent and stable swing arc.  The golf club produces a consistent and stable arc when your arms are free of tension.

My goal is to teach you how to lower your scores and enjoy golf.  If you can feel correct balance, hear correct impact and visualize the correct ball flight you will see lower your scores.  The videos show you what to do and explain what you should feel.

Golf Career

My career began as a caddie at The Club at Cordillera in Edwards CO.  There I realized that most players do not know the fundamentals of golf; they had learned from other people who also did not know the basics.  I found myself teaching golf as well as reading greens and found that if players could swing the golf club with fredom and without tension then their swing became more consistent.

While at Desert Mountain in Scottsdale AZ  I was introduced to Jim Flick and Mike Malaska at the Nicklaus / Flick Golf School.  I assisted their golf schools for two seasons and learned that anyone who can swing the clubhead with their arms instead of their hands can learn to play golf.  The drills and lessons learned have enabled me to teach hundreds of players to enjoy golf.

My first Head Professional job was with The Mirabel Club in Scottsdale, then The Club at Hokulia in Kona HI and The Cliffs Communities in Greenville SC.  I am currently a Teaching Professional at The Landings in Savannah GA.

These positions enabled me to teach beginners and advanced players of all ages.  I created instruction programs from clinic series, two and three day golf schools, individual lessons and video instruction.  The video drills and lessons will help you learn the game in a way that you will not find on youtube.  The lessons are planned in sequence so they build and build until you are swinging and executing shots with ease.

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  1. Bob Brown says:

    Excellent web site Erik. Very well done in every section that I searched tonight. You have it all covered.

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