Address Position

The Address Position is a very important fundamental to master.  You must address the ball in balance and without tension as your address position either inhibits or enhances the ability to swing the golf club properly.

A proper Address Position must have all of these Key Components:

  1. Arms and shoulders feel no tension, feel your arm hang straight down (left arm for right handed players and right arm for left handed players)
  2. Feel your weight evenly distributed on the arches of both feet (move your tailbone back until you feel balanced on your arches)
  3. Back straight from the shoulders down
  4. Align your shoulders with the toes, slightly bend or release the knees
  5. Hands just in front of the ball (hands closer to the target than the golf ball)

Can you feel your arms relaxed without any tension?

Can you feel your weight on your arches?

Did you move your tailbone back?

Are your shoulders parallel to your toes?

How does it look in a mirror?

You'll learn this in the address position video...

Click below to watch

Address Position


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