Beginners Series

Follow the drills, master the fundamentals and learn to play golf.

  1. Grip Routine

    • First fundamental to master

  2. Address Position

    • Make sure shoulders are aligned

  3. Brush the Grass

    • One piece swing with clipboard

  4. L to L Drill

    • Swing the arms back to L

  5. Feet Together

    • Feel the club in the correct position and use centrifugal force

    • Builds consistency by forcing the body to allow the club to swing

  6. Putting Grip and Address

    • Putting grip and address position

    • Balanced pendulum swing, 5 inches back 5 inches through

  7. The Push Drill

    • three foot putt, push the ball into the hole

    • Hold the finish

    • Feel extension to the hole

  8. Two Putt Maximum

    • The 3 foot bucket

  9. Left Foot Right Toe

    • Forces your body to allow the arms to swing the club

  10. Begin the with end in mind

    • Feel weight roll from left arch to outside of left foot

    • Goal of each swing to finish balanced – hold the finish

  11. Eyes Closed

    • Close your eyes and putt from 3 feet

  12. Stable Head Position

    • Hat drill, place brim on wall or door and swing arms

    • Look in the mirror

  13. Alignment Strategy

    • 1-2-3

    • How to practice – set up station

  14. Grip Check

    • Is your clubface aligned at impact

    • Is your grip the problem?

  15. Ladder Drill

    • Longer distance = longer backswing and follow through

  16. Baseball Drill

    • Baseball drill to feel the clubhead

  17. Driver Address

    • Place club 4 inches behind ball, just like 6 iron

    • Shoulders square to target line

  18. Proper Warm Up

    • Warm up with feet together, brush the grass

    • Hit 3 shots with each club in your bag with a target for each swing

  19. Look at the Hole

    • Look at the hole or look at the ball

    • Change perspective

  20. Chip Shot,

    • Alignment and stance

    • One piece swing

    • Pick a target on the green

  21. Pre-Shot Routine

    • Examine the lie, find the distance and choose the target

    • Pick the club then visualize the shot

    • Address the ball

    • Alignment 1-2-3

    • Shake off tension and execute

  22. Seve Drill

    • Quiet hands, let the arms swing

  23. Finish the Swing

    • Throw the ball over your shoulder

  24. Pitch Shot

    • Setup position

    • Ball position

  25. Choose a Target

    • Look at the entire hole

    • Widest part of fairway and green

    • Big targets, build on success

  26. Woosh

    • The woosh comes from your arms, not hands

    • Hear the club speed, the woosh drill is similar to the baseball drill where we swing the club around our body, but instead of feeling the weight of the club, we will hear the speed of the club.

  27. Sand Shot

    • Get it out, get it on, get it close

    • Finish the swing

  28. Down the Line

    • Alignment stick in ground at 30 angle

    • Path of the club

    • Alignment stick in front of ball

    • Extend center of club down the line after impact

  29. Mythbuster - Keep Your Head Down

  30. Pyramid Drill

    • Long putt to a pyramid

    • Putts that come up short never go in the hole

  31. Feel the Connection

    • build connection of elbow to body

    • Hold a piece of string under your arm

  32. Read the Green,

    • High and low point of green

    • Drain near green

    • Examine the entire green – dump a million gallons of water

    • Walk around the hole – See if my feet are higher than the hole on one side or the other and feel if I walk uphill, downhill or sidehill.

  33. No Scooping

    • Hold alignment stick

    • Feel steady hands and wrists

    • Hold a book or clipboard to feel the correct steady hand position

  34. Impact Position

    • Find the center of the clubface - tape

    • Box outside line

    • Fix the shank

  35. Mythbuster - Keep Your Arm Straight

    • Baseball drill

    • Impedes the follow through, does not let the clubface close

  36. Take it to the Course

    • How to transition good range shots to good course shots

  37. Ten in a Row

    • Putt from 3 feet with 3 golf balls

    • Build pressure to build confidence

  38. Windy Day

    • Into wind – 1 to 3 clubs more, choke up, ball in center, weight forward, accept loss of distance

    • Down wind – 1 to 3 clubs less, ball in center

    • Crosswind – 1 to 3 clubs more, ball in center, don’t fight mother nature

  39. One Hand Putt

    • Three foot putts with one hand

    • Is your left better than your right?

    • Which hand stabilizes and which pushes?

  40. The Takeaway,

    • Hands swing back, instead of the left hand moving around the right hand

    • How it effects the entire swing

  41. Feel the Distance

    • 10 to 12 foot putt

    • Feel the distance with your left hand

    • Keep head down to look at finish position

  42. Field Goal

    • 2 alignment sticks

  43. One Hand Pitch

    • One handed to allow the club to do the work

    • Maintain stable wrist position

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