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Course Management

Course Management Drills and Tips Choose a Target – where am I aiming? Pre-Shot Routine – make it consistent and your own Alignment Strategy – are you sure your on target? Read the Green – see the big picture Take it to the Course- make good shots on the range good shots on the course […]

Beginners Series

Follow the drills, master the fundamentals and learn to play golf. Grip Routine First fundamental to master Address Position Make sure shoulders are aligned Brush the Grass One piece swing with clipboard L to L Drill Swing the arms back to L Feet Together Feel the club in the correct position and use centrifugal force […]

Putting Series – Drills and tips to improve your putting

I find so many people practicing putting without any purpose.  Whenever you practice, have a purpose for every shot you hit. Follow the sequence below and you will be a better putter. Putting Videos Address Position and Grip Putting Address Drills for short putts,  3 feet from the hole The Push Drill Look at the […]

Full Swing Drills – Improve your swing

Feet Together – work on your balance and footwork Baseball Drill – feel the rotation and weight of the clubhead Stable Head Position – stability = consistency L to L Drill – extension and stability will improve every swing Left Foot Right Toe – forces head, spine and core body stability Impact Position – hit […]