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The fundamentals of golf

US Open course conditions

It’s US Open Week!  Let’s watch how the Professionals play the unusual conditions at Pinehurst.  The course is playing very differently than in the past due to the maintenance practices that have been altered, including: Irrigation / watering – the only irrigation is down the middle of the fairway.  The rough/native areas have not been watered Rough […]

The Rules of Golf

The Rules of Golf The Rules of Golf have been jointly issued by the USGA and the R&A in Scotland since 1952.  The rules are inforced by the player, there is no referee.  Below is a condensed version of each rule. Rule 1: The Game The Game of Golf consists of playing a ball with a club from […]

Golf Game Tips

What do I do when I go to play golf? Here’s a couple of golf game tips… Golf Attire: Women may wear shorts of skirts of mid-thigh length or longer with shirts with collars or sleeves. Men are required to wear shirts with collars. Most golf courses have a no jeans policy for both men […]

Online Golf Dictionary

Online Golf Dictionary Aim: The act of aligning the clubface to the target. Alignment: The position of the body in relation to the target. Angle of Approach (or Attack): A term that describes the relative angle which the clubhead approaches the ball at impact which, in turn, helps determine the distance and trajectory which the […]

Funny Videos and Jokes

Here’s Alex working on holding the finish……..and he’s successful. Dan and Brandon are playing a spectacular new golf course built on very hilly, scenic terrain – cliffsides and gulleys and ravines. They reach the 6th hole, where Dan slices a ball into a thickly wooded, deep ravine. But Dan is determined not to take a […]

The Fundamentals of Golf

Tour Professionals constantly work on mastering the fundamentals. Grip – a proper grip is the first fundamental to master The club must be held in the fingers, not the palms.  When the fingers are stable with proper grip pressure the club can swing freely.  If the palms hold the club the pressure will be too great […]