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Golf videos for beginners instruction videos

Grip Routine

The first fundamental to master is the grip.  Watch The Grip Routine over and over.  The grip is your connection to the club and must be balanced and consistent to hit consistent shots. The grip must be held in the fingers with a grip pressure of no more than 3 out of 10.  The grip must […]

Address Position

The Address Position is a very important fundamental to master.  You must address the ball in balance and without tension as your address position either inhibits or enhances the ability to swing the golf club properly. A proper Address Position must have all of these Key Components: Arms and shoulders feel no tension, feel your […]

Brush the Grass

Let’s get swinging with the Brush the Grass drill.  When you can execute this small swing and feel your arms move without tension and hear the club brush the grass you are off to a great start. Don’t take this small swing lightly.  You must be able to swing and hear the club brush the grass without tension.  If […]

The L to L Drill

This is a challenging drill; one that requires patience and stability.  When you can execute this swing and feel your arms move without tension with stable hands and wrists you will soon be executing a great swing. Swing back until your arms are parallel to the ground with the club straight up in the air.  […]

Feet Together

This drill allows you to feel if the club is out of balance during the swing.  How?  When you swing and feel too much weight on your toes or your heels at any time during the swing, then the club is out of balance. Address the ball with your feet very close together, say 3 […]

Putting Grip and Address Position

This video teaches a proper putting address position and swing.  Again, balance is key at address. A proper putting grip will feel like you are holding a clipboard between your hands.  The clipboard should be aimed straight at your nose.  The clipboard should not hit the inside of your forearms during the swing. A proper […]

The Push Drill

The push drill is the first drill to practice putting.  When you push the ball to the hole you are extending the clubface down the target line and forcing a full follow through.  Always hold the finish; when you hold the finish you can see if you pushed the putt right, pulled the putt left […]

Two Putt Maximum

So, you have mastered the putter grip and can push 100 balls in a row into the hole.  Now we enter a new phase of playing golf and begin to visualize.  The Two Putt Maximum video teaches you how to see a target and visualize that target. Begin your practice session by finding the uphill […]

Left Foot Right Toe

This drill, “Left Foot Right Toe” is one of my favorites, and one of the most revealing drills you will practice.  If the club is in balance then you will be able to complete a full swing in balance.  If the club falls off its natural path, you will feel out of balance immediately.  The stance […]

Begin With The End In Mind

Have you ever felt that you are trying too hard to hit the golf ball?  So many golfers have that I developed a drill called “Begin With The End In Mind” to ease the instinct of hitting at the golf ball.  This drill focuses on the finish or follow through position instead of focusing on […]