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Golf videos for beginners instruction videos

Eyes Closed

Putting has more feel than any other swing in golf.  Consistent putting takes faith in your aim and trust in your stroke to execute a tension free swing.  The “Eyes Closed” drill builds faith in your aim and trust in your stroke. When your eyes are open you may see a need to alter your […]

Stable Head Position

Is your head stable during the swing?  It must remain stable during the swing until impact, then it will turn and follow the golf ball in unison with the torso. Have you ever played tether ball?  The ball swings around a center pole.  If the pole is loose the ball will not swing around, but […]

Alignment Strategy, simple at 1-2-3

You have achieved a proper grip and address position, but if you do not aim to a target you will not achieve consistent results.  The Alignment Strategy video teaches you a procedure for aligning to a target simple as 1-2-3. The first step is to pick a target.  Where do you want the ball to […]

Grip Check

Are your shots going straight to your target?  It may be due to your grip. Your grip should be balanced at address and at impact.  To check your grip, hold a book or clipboard between your hands.  Feel that it takes equal pressure from both hands to hold the book.  Feel that your palms are facing […]

Ladder Drill

Distance control is essential in putting.  Between distance and direction, distance is the most important.  Controlling the distance can be challenging, practice the “Ladder Drill” to help you feel different distances. Begin at 3 feet from the hole and set balls at 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13 etc. from the hole on the same target […]

Baseball Drill

Are you able to “feel” where the club is during the swing?  If not, you may be gripping too tightly.  Loosen your grip and “feel” the weight of the clubhead as you swing. The “Baseball Drill” allows you to feel the arms swing the club without tension.  When you swing the club in the air […]

Driver Address Position

Your address position should be very consistent.  The one variable is ball position; the position of the golf ball will change for every club. The 6 iron will be in the middle of your feet, the shorter clubs more toward your back foot and the longer clubs toward your front foot.  The optimal ball position […]

Proper Warm Up

Many players do not have a consistent or appropriate warm up routine.  Warming up properly will allow you feel balanced and confident on the first tee. A proper warm up starts slowly with the brush the grass drill and builds to a full swing.  Begin by swinging a wedge with your feet together.  Build the […]

Look At The Hole

Are you a better putter when you look at the hole instead of the ball?  Practice three foot putts while looking at the hole.  Take your putting address position; look at the hole and swing. The perspective is so different.  This drill is designed to focus on the target.  When you look at the hole […]

Chip Shot

The Chip shot is a shot from near the green.  This is a shot you would use if you are just off the putting green and cannot use your putter.  The putter is the most consistent club in the golf bag, use it as often as you can near the green.  But when your ball […]