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Golf videos for beginners instruction videos

Build a Pre-Shot Routine

For our shots to be consistent we need to build a consistent pre-shot routine.  The pre-shot routine consists not only of the address position and alignment strategy, but the key component of visualization. Begin by assessing the lie of the ball.  Then decide where you want the ball to stop.  Most players overlook this step […]

The Seve Drill

This drill is in honor of Seve Ballesteros.  He practiced this drill to place the club in the proper position in the swing.  This drill also stabilizes the hands and wrists and extends the arms. Begin by addressing the ball.  Hinge the wrists so the club is in a horizontal position (parallel with the ground).  […]

Finish the Swing

One fundamental to improve shot consistency and increase distance is Full Arm Extension.  The arms must be extended throughout the swing, all the way to the finish position. You’ll hear me say “hold the finish” during the lessons.  The finish is where the club completes a full balanced swing. If you are hitting a slice […]

The Pitch Shot

The Pitch shot is used to hit the ball high into the air and land on the green.  You will pitch the ball from short distances of 10 to 60 yards away from the green.  The pitch shot has maximum air time and minimum ground time. Use a lofted club such as a sand wedge […]

Choose a Target

Have you practiced the address position and alignment?  Now to Choose a Target.  The goal of every shot is to make to ball stop in a certain place.  This target should be chosen with care. On the tee box, look for the widest portion of the fairway.  Where is the center of the fairway?  How […]


Would you like to hit the ball further?  Great, let’s woosh! The woosh drill is a fun one to increase your club head speed.  Club head speed is measured in miles per hour at impact with the golf ball.  One way to hit the ball further is to make the club swing faster at impact. […]

Sand Shot

A sand shot has 3 objectives, to get the ball Out of the sand On the green Close to the hole. Use your normal grip and address the golf ball just behind the ball.  Envision a golf ball just behind your lie in the sand and address that ball.  This moves the ball position forward […]

Down the Line

The Down the Line drill is designed to practice the third element of the alignment strategy; pick a target, set up to it and swing to it. Lay an alignment stick or golf club on the ground in front of the target point.  Then insert a stick into the ground at a 30 degree angle […]

Mythbuster – Keep Your Head Down

The old myth of keeping your head down may be hurting you.  Some players try so hard to keep their head down that they actually impede their swing. When you complete your downswing and “keep your head down” you will hit your chin with your shoulder.  Right handed players hit their chin with their right […]

The Pyramid

Putts that finish short of the hole never go in!  So frustrating; you hit a perfect putt that rolls straight at the hole and stops just in front of the hole. Practice long putts by putting to a small pyramid of balls.  Take 4 balls and lightly press three balls into the green and place […]