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Golf videos for beginners instruction videos

The Connection

The Connection is between your body and your arms, specifically the elbows.  Some players may lose their connection and experience what we call the “chicken wing” effect.  The chicken wing happens when the elbows leave the body and stick up in the air.  The chicken wing causes the clubhead to swing down outside of the […]

How To Read The Green

Has your putting improved, but you are still not making putts on the course?  Let’s go over a few tips to read the putting green. First – look at the big picture.  Look at the entire green complex and find the high and low points of the green. Second – find the water drain.  The […]

No Scooping

Stable hands and wrists are essential to executing consistent shots, especially the short chip and pitch shots.  Players may try to scoop the ball up higher in the air by moving their wrists through impact. When the wrists are active we either hit the ground behind the ball, bend our elbows and hit the ball […]

Impact Position

The impact position is where you impact the ball on the clubface.  Ideally, you hit the ball on the center of the face towards the bottom of the club. Use tape on the face of the club to see where the ball hits on the club.  Are you making contact in the middle of the […]

Mythbuster – Keep Your Arm Straight

Have you heard you should keep your left arm straight (right arm for a left handed player) during your swing?  I have found that if you do you could hurt yourself and also hurt your distance potential. If you focus on keeping your left arm straight you create tension in your arm.  This tension restricts […]

Take it to the Course

Do you hit great shots on the range tee, but fail to execute good shots on the golf course? When you hit the same golf club twenty times in a row to the same target you groove that one shot.  The first thing to do is vary your target.  Finish your pre-round warm up by […]

Ten in a Row

Can you make ten putts in a row from three feet?  Make a commitment to make 10 in a row before you leave the putting green. Find a straight three foot putt and place a marker in the ground.  Use three golf balls and make ten putts in a row from the marker.  Only three […]

Windy Day

I grew up in Oklahoma where we had our share of windy days.  Don’t be discouraged by the wind, learn to play with the wind. I’ve heard players say it is a 3 or 4 club wind.  What they mean is that you need to use 3 or 4 more clubs than normal on the […]

One Hand Putt

The “One Hand Putt” drill forces us to feel stable hands and wrists on those short putts.  When the pressure is on to make a short putt, the hands and wrists must remain calm and stable throughout the swing. Address the ball with your normal putt stance. Remove one hand (right or left) from the grip […]

The Takeaway

The takeaway initiates the swing motion.  If the takeaway gets out of balance the entire swing will be out of balance. When we want to hit the ball with an inside-out swing path we tend to take the club away too far inside and the clubhead gets behind us and out of balance.  When it […]