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Golf videos for beginners instruction videos

Feel the Distance

The “Feel the Distance” drill is to insure you hit mid length putts the correct distance.  Practice from 10 to 12 feet away from the hole on a level putt.  Hit the putt and hold the finish to see if the ball rolled to the hole, too short or too long. If the putt was […]

Field Goal

Hey it’s Erik, Are you able to swing down the target line?  Another way to visualize the target line is using a pair of alignment sticks to make a field goal. When I practice the execution of shots I use alignment sticks to see if the ball is flying where I want it to fly.  […]

One Hand Pitch Shot

The One Hand Pitch Shot is a dynamic drill to improve your hand position at impact. During the swing, if we change our hand and wrist position we change the impact position and will never be consistent. Have you ever hit a heavy or chunky pitch shot?  Have you ever hit a low laser beam shot?  […]