Grip Routine

The first fundamental to master is the grip.  Watch The Grip Routine over and over.  The grip is your connection to the club and must be balanced and consistent to hit consistent shots.

The grip must be held in the fingers with a grip pressure of no more than 3 out of 10.  The grip must have the palms facing the same direction (feel like you are holding a small book between your hands).  When you open your fingers, your right palm will be along side of the grip, not on top or on bottom of the club.

Practice over and over again until the grip feels consisent and balanced.  Always feel the grip pressure and feel the club in the fingers.

The Three Keys to a perfect grip:

  1. held in your fingers
  2. grip pressure of no more than 3 out of 10
  3. palms face the same direction.

Remember to always feel the weight of the clubhead!

Click below to watch

Grip Routine



  1. Eric Malkut says:

    Great video! It all starts with the grip!

  2. Catherine Raml says:

    Erik – This video is really helpful. It’s a great reminder to take the time for a proper set up, grip included, and to avoid a death grip!

  3. Bob Bohon says:

    What are your thoughts of sliding your right hand on the top ? Wrist are slightly open to forearms?

    • Erik says:

      The right hand on top will encourage a slice or fade ball flight. I prefer to see the right hand beside or slightly underneath the club. When the right hand is on top there is not much room to rotate. When you cannot rotate the arms through the swing you will compenstate and flip the wrists through impact, which will cause inconsistency and a loss in distance.

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