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"If you want to improve your golf game.....take lessons from Erik Kutz."  James Chung

"I have taken lessons from Erik Kutz and improved my swing tremendously"  Joe Godesky

"I watch the videos again and again and find they help me reinforce the core fundamentals of the golf swing. I work with Erik specifically on alignment and core body rotation." Lee Richardson

"Erik makes the drills so simple and easier for you to improve your golf game." Jose Madhavasseril

"Lessons with Erik have brought my game back to life and I enjoy the game more than ever."  Garrison Smith

"Prior to my lessons with Erik I could not get the driver off the tee.  Now I am hitting it better than I ever imagined." Wayne Comick

"The Left Foot Right Toe drill has allowed me to hit the ball with solid contact and consistently down the middle. Erik's drills have me hitting the ball better than ever." Von Hyppolite

"After the first lesson I am hitting my irons 30 yards further than before." Lance McGinnis

"What I appreciate about Erik is how he incorporated a visual aspect to the golf lessons." Shauntel Richardson

"I have worked with Erik for a year and enjoyed seeing Erik help students of all ages and abilities improve their golf game." Mike McCutchen, PGA Golf Instructor and Life Member

"My husband and I played a round at Harvard Gulch last week—my first time actually playing on a course, albeit a tiny par-3. On the very first hole, I drove the ball perfectly straight and landed it right on the green, a few feet from the pin. I parred the hole."  Deb Williams

"Weekly lessons with Erik have improved my golf game and lowered my scores.  I recommend you watch the videos and put them into practice each week." Erik Bostrom

"While playing in a local charity tournament we approached the closest to the pin contest and I hit my driver to the 190 yard uphill hole. The group in front of us started cheering and I thought it went in the hole. It was not a hole in one, but 8 inches away to win the first place prize. During the same tournament, I also won the putting contest by putting to 6 inches away on the first shot and making the second shot in the hole on a long downhill putt. After the round my three playing partners went straight to the putting green to practice their 3 foot putts." David Strawn

"I wanted to take the time and thank you for the lessons I had with you recently. Although they were only three lessons they absolutely turned my game around. I am hitting the ball more consistently with all my clubs and more accurately. The simple to understand drills you taught me worked immediately on the course. A couple of simple thoughts, then hit the ball. The one drill, the power of observation, taught me to watch and see the ball at impact, proved to be the best one. Observing how the club face impacts the ball, square , open or closed and making corrections as needed. Not to say the other drills weren't important but this one led to more consistent play."  Joe Ferlanti

" I must say that after just several lessons my game has changed and I’m actually able to really enjoy the playing for the first time.  Erik Kutz has actually helped demystify the game and has shown me how to improve my stance and swing in literally just one lesson.  His patience and teaching abilities are second to none.  He breaks the swing and stance into easy to understand and follow bits and pieces.  I can’t believe how I spent about $1,000 at your competitors using computerized muscle measurement equipment without success and how in a few minutes Erik was able to help fix my swing and help me learn the “right way” at a fraction of the cost and time."  Ted Lutins

"Prior to taking lessons from Erik I had an average score of 96. After just one lesson I shot an 86. Erik taught me more in 3 lessons than I learned from other professionals in the last 3 years." John Henry

"Lessons with Erik enabled me to have my best round ever! Thank you Erik" Kim Eikenberg

"Erik taught me to feel my balance and I reached my goal of breaking 100 for the first time." Peter Cal

"Erik established an instant connection with me that allowed me to immediately achieve results.  The drills are easy to follow and get great results." Jeffrey Brandt

"On my last round I chipped and pitched better than ever.  The contact was so much cleaner than in the past.  By keeping my hands and wrists stable with the clipboard drill it allowed the arms to do the work and I executed consistent shots."  Chris Krall

"Erik, the lessons have improved my golf game.  Last week I won the net flight in the men's club!" Bill Kelly

"I practiced the drills and drove the golf ball right down the middle, it was my best driving day ever.  I have to adjust my iron distances again, I am hitting it further and further."  Ken Jeske

"You added 10 yards to my 7 iron."  Mike Green

"The drills have made my game so much more consistent. The last 3 shots were the best 3 shots I have ever hit." Joe Harris

"The drills have made my impact feel crisp and consistent." Joe Gianinni

"Erik has elevated my game to a new level.  Now I feel and see the results."  Eric Goldberg

"My swing feels easier, more comfortable and more consistent." Larry Zucker

"What an improvement.  Releasing the tension allows my swing to feel so much better."  Rich Lambert

"My swing is much more comfortable, consistent and on target." Richard Dambrosio

"I can feel the club hit the ball.  The swing is more powerful; I love it." Carmelito Tarife

"When I feel out of balance, I go to the drills and get right back on track." Joe Godesky

"Golf is so much fun to play again.  The swing feels so easy, yet I am hitting it further than before." Robert Loeb

"I don't need to look to see where the ball goes, I can tell by the feel and sound." Harold Rosenthal

"I have so much better control of the clubhead and the shots are more consistent." Ryan O'Neil

"I can feel the club hit the ball and I am hitting shots more crisp than ever." Tom Bello

"With just one lesson, the ball is doing what I want it to do, more than ever before." John Anderson

"Before the lesson my 7 iron did not go further than 105.  My last shot went 135!" Rich Cutler

"I am hitting the ball further and straighter.  My swing feels so relaxed and my back is not bothering me." John Reen

"Since the first lesson I have loosened up my grip pressure and have even more stability and control." Ralph Jones

"Prior to the lessons a good wedge went 90 yards; now a good wedge goes 105 and a bad wedge goes 95." Chris Westerman

"It's amazing.  I am hitting the ball 20 yards further without swinging harder." Robert Ozer

"You cured my slice!  I am hitting the ball further and straighter than ever." John Healy

"Erik's lessons are the best I have ever taken." Peter Swist

"If you want to hit the ball further and straighter, take lessons from Erik Kutz."  George Henshaw  

"Wow, the consistency on my shots is up to 80%, what an improvement."  Jonathan Basa

"I can feel solid contact at impact when my grip pressure is lighter and more comfortable."  Bob Cruse

"Erik's drills have me hitting the ball more consistently with an increase in distance."  Glenn Rhode

"The slice issue is not there anymore."  Rich Dambrosio

"For 25 years I never felt comfortable over chip shots; now I feel very comfortable and confident."  C. Kim

"Erik's drills taught me to feel a more natural, comfortable and consistent swing."  Terence Salmon

"Erik made it easy for me to understand the basic concept of the swing that 15 years of playing experience could not."  Jesse Garrett

"Erik's arm extension drills added 20 yards to my irons."   Johnson Lam

"I am hitting the ball further than ever; I hit the net in the back of the range for the first time."  Frank Nicolaro

"I love hearing the click off the clubface. The contact is crisp and consistent."  Frank Ojeda

"When I try to muscle the ball I hit a slice, but when the tension is eliminated the ball goes further and straighter."  Rick Kliewe

"A good instructor can tell you what is wrong.  A great instructor enforces what you need to do to correctly to improve.  Erik's head stability drills have given me great feedback and improved my game."  Norman Axelrod

"Erik improved my golf game by taking it step by step working on one drill at a time."  Joe Godesky

"Before the lessson with Erik my iron shots were 20 yards off line, now they are consistently on target."  John Anderson

"Stabilizing my head position has increased my club head speed and distance.  I can feel the control and I know right away if something goes wrong."  Song Lee

"After the lessons with Erik I can feel my balance throughout the swing which enables me to hit longer straighter shots."  Steve Lataro

"Focusing on my balance allows me to feel relaxed and helps me release the tension in my arms ane shoulders.  My swing feels more effortless and consistent."  Quang Tran

"I recently played golf with a group of friends and they were amazed at how much my game has improved.  During the round I birdied a par 5 and almost made a hole in one, it stopped 4 inches from the cup."  Steve Defina

"In first lesson I can feel my stability; the swing is cleaner and more consistent. " Billy Krakower

"I almost made a hole in one, my shot ended up 6 inches from the hole on the 130 yard uphill par 3."  Stanley Fried

"The drills have improved my driver; I hit 7 out of 8 right where I wanted."  Jeff Croucher

"Prior to the lesson I hit my wedge 85 yards, now I can hit the wedge 100 yards consistently."  Chuck Maliszewski

"Erik's lessons have improved my golf swing; my swing is more natural, more consistent and painless."  Marty Costello

"This summer I shot my best round ever of 84.  I can feel the balance in my golf swing.  Now I feel the difference between a good swing and a bad swing."  Zach Liu

"My scores have improved by 3 shots and my shoulder injury is not bothering me when I play golf."  William Morris

"I can feel a big difference in my swing.  Maintaining my posture has allowed me to hit more good shots."  Ray Vladyka

"Erik communicated very concisely, it was easy to understand and incorporate into my swing." Gregg Fernstrom

"After the lesson I can hit a fairway wood off the ground, I didn't have that shot before." Len Ramos

"When my golf shots went offline I stopped to practice the left foot right toe drill.  I can feel the balance and see the shots go straight.  It's amazing how far the ball goes with my feet close together."  Ed Kukalski

"I do not slice the ball anymore.  Erik's drills cured my slice!"  Doug Granger

"Erik taught me things I have never thought of before.  Accelerating as I hit the ball has increased my distance and keeping my head stable allows me to hit the ball cleaner and more consistently."   Neil Devincenzo

"The contact with the irons is significantly better resulting in more consistent shots."  Warren Greher

"I enjoy feeling my balance, is it fun to swing knowing what I need to feel to hit good shots."  Christine Maraia

"With Erik's drills I am hitting the ball straight for the first time in three years."  CJ Ferrante

"I have more focus on what I am doing on the golf course.  Golf has become more fun, I am playing better. . . . . and losing less golf balls!"  John Kuzmik

"The increase in distance helped my scores come down. My previous personal best was 88 until this month when I shot an 85 and an 81."  Brian Nelson

"Hearing the woosh and feeling the weight shift help me focus on each swing."  Zach Liu

"Erik has taught me to understand the mechanics of the golf swing and how to recognize if I am swinging correctly."  Mike Locascio

"Feeling my balance during the swing gives me the feedback I have been looking for."  Jeffrey Goodfriend

"Erik explained the rotation and balance so I can feel the proper swing, the best lesson I've ever had."  Ron Giancristofaro

 "My 6 iron distance prior to the lesson was 160 yards; after practicing Erik's drills I hit my 6 iron 180 yards consistently."  Ryan Quirk

"When I feel out of balance I practice the Left Foot Right Toe drill and get back on track" Robert Knapp

"Erik does a great job of teaching how to practice the drills properly.  His drills keep me in balance so I hit more consistent shots.  My biggest challenge was head stability.  The left foot right toe drill gives me the feedback to hit good shots."  Paul Fontana

"Erik taught me more in one lesson than in all my past lessons combined."   Joseph Ferlanti

"I used to focus on proper mechanics (hand position, wrist hinge) trying to do everything correctly. Now that I learned the fundamentals I trust my swing hit the ball more consistently."  Robert Manning

"The drills have given me confidence with my swing and I hit a flagstick on a par 3."  Russ Faber

"Now that my head is stable during the swing I am having so much fun playing golf."  Frank Carnizares

"I enjoy what I learn from the drills and can feel such a big difference in my swing."  Bill Placier

"I can feel a total change in my golf swing by practicing the drills and understanding the fundamentals."  Gregg Fernstrom

"Throw a ball over my shoulder drill allowed me to accelerate to the top of the follow through and finish my swing in balance."  Ed Hom

"Contact wit the ball is solid and consistent, I can feel the difference."  Robert Sollis

"When I practice the woosh drill I can feel and hear how I should swing the golf club."  Chris Curtin

"I'm going to play all my shots with left foot right toe. The drill increased my 7 iron distance to 190, which is how far my 5 iron used to go."  Anthony Mayzun

Erik's drills give me the feeling that was missing in my swing. Now I feel I can be consistent over every shot." Joseph Salvatorelli

"When I practice the drills I can feel the contact in the center of the clubface."  Neil Kheterpal

The pitch drill gives me confidence in my short game. The swing feels so natural and comfortable."  Doug Granger

Erik's drills have me hitting iron shots are straighter than ever."  Ron Scham

“My biggest problem is head movement.  The Left Foot Right Toe drill gives me the stability and feedback to hit consistent shots.”  Paul Fontana

“I love the Seve drill.  The hinge keeps everything straight, I’ll practice this drill forever.”  Laurie Debenedetto

“The proper address position feels so much more comfortable, no more pain when I swing.”  Dion Cooper

“When I hit a bad shot I can feel what went wrong.  If my body is out of balance or my head moves too soon.”  Walter Geter

“Left Foot Right Toe enables me complete a full follow through and feel my balance.  I’ve gained distance too!”  John Byrne

"I learned more from a lesson with Erik than I was able to research on my own.  Erik makes the golf swing simple to understand."  Joe Ferlanti

"When Erik changed my ball position I began to hit clean crisp shots and improved my head stability."  Bill Placier

"I practiced the hold the finish drill and instantly improved my swing.  I have so much fun holding the finish and watching the ball land on the green from over 200 yards."  Glen Hertung

"Erik truly changed my game in 10 minutes.  He watched me hit a couple shots, gave me a quick tip that started making me hit the ball higher, longer, and now my ball striking is so much better.  Thanks Erik!" Dan Norman

"The One Hand Pitch Shot Drill helped me accelerate through impact to hit the ball further with less effort." Matt Parker

"After one Driver lesson with Erik I shot 5 strokes better than my best round this year!" David Underwood

"Erik teaches you in away that is easily understood so you can apply it toward your goal, which is becoming better at golf."  Austin Awad

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