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Golf Fundamentals

Funny Videos and Jokes

Here’s Alex working on holding the finish……..and he’s successful. Dan and Brandon are playing a spectacular new golf course built on very hilly, scenic terrain – cliffsides and gulleys and ravines. They reach the 6th hole, where Dan slices a ball into a thickly wooded, deep ravine. But Dan is determined not to take a […]

Golf Instruction Basics

An Amazing Golf Hole

This is hands down the most extreme golf hole you will find anywhere on the planet… This is the 19th hole at the Legends Golf & Safari Resort in South Africa… And it makes you dizzy just to look at it. Believe it or not, this is a par three with the tee box 1400 […]

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Grip Routine

The first fundamental to master is the grip.  Watch The Grip Routine over and over.  The grip is your connection to the club and must be balanced and consistent to hit consistent shots. The grip must be held in the fingers with a grip pressure of no more than 3 out of 10.  The grip must […]

Golf Instruction Basics

The Truth About Golf

Take a quick look at these statements and see if you agree with them… -If your opponent has trouble remembering whether he shot a six or a seven, he probably shot an eight. -It takes longer to learn good golf than it does brain surgery. On the other hand, you seldom get to ride around […]