The Fundamentals

Tour Professionals constantly work on mastering the fundamentals, you should too.

Fundamentals are the most important part of the game of golf; they provide the basic structure to the golf swing.  Practice the following fundamentals in order and watch all the videos.

Grip – a proper grip is the first fundamental to master

  1. The club must be held in the fingers, not the palms.  When the fingers are stable with proper grip pressure the club can swing freely.  If the palms hold the club the pressure will be too great and limit the motion of the club.
  2. The palms must face the same direction and be in line with the clubface.  Hold a clipboard with your hands, notice the clipboard faces directly up and down, not at an angle.  The clubface must be aligned with the palms to be square at impact.
  3. Grip pressure should be 2 or 3 out of 10.  10 is the tightest grip pressure, 0 lets the club move in your fingers.

Videos - Grip Routine , Grip Check, Putting Grip and Address

Address Position – the address position must be consistent and balanced

  1. Grip the golf club and extend the arms.  The arms and the club will not be in the same line, allow the natural bend of your wrist angle between the arms and the shaft of the club.
  2. Place the clubface behind the ball aimed at the target.  The left arm must be straight down, the right forearm will be forward to accommodate for the right hand being lower on the grip.  This will place the hands in the proper position.
  3. When the hands are set, align the shoulders parallel to the target line.
  4. Set the feet parallel to the shoulders.  Feel weight and balance on the arches of the feet.

Videos - Address Position, Putting Grip and Address, Driver Address, Chip Shot, Pitch Shot, Sand Shot

Head Position – the head must remain stable to a produce a consistent swing

  1. The head must remain stable during the swing; it cannot move up, down or too far back during the backswing.
  2. Practice looking in a mirror as you swing.  If the head moves out of position, it must try to move back into position at impact resulting in mishit shots.  This is the biggest cause of inconsistency and forces players to adjust their swing motion to counteract their head being out of position.

Videos - Stable Head Position, Baseball Drill, Brush the Grass, Left Foot Right Toe, Mythbuster - Keep Your Head Down

Footwork and Balance – your feet must remain balanced from address to the finish position

  1. Weight must remain on the arches of the feet.
  2. The weight transfer during the swing is from the arch to the outside of the forward foot.
  3. The forward foot must remain stable on the ground.

Videos - Feet Together, Left Foot Right Toe, Begin the with end in mind, Proper Warm Up, Windy Day

Arm Extension – the arms must be extended and free of tension

  1. The arms must swing the club, not the core of the body.
  2. Just as the chains on a swing are extended by the weight of the child, your arms must remain extended by the weight of the club.  You must feel the weight of the clubhead during the swing to allow the arms to be extended.  If you feel the clubhead, then your arms will be able to swing freely without tension.

Videos - Pitch Shot, Brush the Grass, Seve Drill, Finish the Swing, Woosh, Down the Line, Mythbuster - Keep Your Arm Straight

Hand and Wrist Stability

  1. The hands must not force the swing, but allow the arms to swing the club.
  2. The wrists must remain steady to keep the clubface stable.  Any wrist change from the top of the downswing will ruin a good swing.  If the wrists change position the result will be a) the path of the club will change, b) the clubface will be misaligned c) club speed will decrease before impact or d) a combination of all of the above.

Videos - Pitch Shot, One Hand Pitch, One Hand Putt, L to L Drill, The Push Drill, Seve Drill, No Scooping

Feel - you must be able to feel the weight of the clubhead throughout the swing

  1. Feel is as important as any fundamental.
  2. A player must feel the weight of the clubhead.
  3. Feel balance on the arches of the feet.
  4. Feel the distance of the shot, especially in putting.

Videos - Brush the Grass, The Push Drill, Begin the with end in mind, Eyes Closed, Grip Check, Ladder Drill, Proper Warm Up, Woosh, Impact Position, The Takeaway, Feel the Distance, Stable Head Position

Visualization - see the shot happen, then make the shot happen

  1. Visualize the shot.  If you can see the shot happen you will be placing that shot in your mind’s eye.
  2. When you focus on the shot then you allow your subconscious to execute the swing.

Videos - Alignment Strategy, Read the Green, Eyes Closed, Ladder Drill, Look at the Hole, Field Goal, Pre-Shot Routine, Choose a Target, Pyramid Drill, Take it to the Course, Ten in a Row

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