Eyes Closed

Putting has more feel than any other swing in golf.  Consistent putting takes faith in your aim and trust in your stroke to execute a tension free swing.  The “Eyes Closed” drill builds faith in your aim and trust in your stroke.

When your eyes are open you may see a need to alter your swing path or adjust the length of backswing during the swing.  When your eyes are closed you execute your “True Stroke” without altering your path or force.

Your true stroke reveals your aim.  If you are consistently missing left then you are aimed too far left.  Do not adjust your swing, adjust your aim.

The Key Components of the Eyes Closed drill:

  1. Have faith in your aim and alignment
  2. Trust your true swing
  3. Listen for the ball to go in the hole before opening your eyes
  4. Accept that your alignment may be off, not your true stroke

This drill builds a lot of confidence in putting.  Having trust and faith in your swing is very rewarding and a lot of fun.

Fundamentals: Visualization, Feel

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Eyes Closed

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