Stable Head Position

Is your head stable during the swing?  It must remain stable during the swing until impact, then it will turn and follow the golf ball in unison with the torso.

Have you ever played tether ball?  The ball swings around a center pole.  If the pole is loose the ball will not swing around, but have an erratic flight and slow down very quickly.  When the center pole is stable the ball will swing around using centrifugal force and stay on a consistent path.  Your head is the top of the tether pole and must remain stable until impact.

Practice looking in a mirror as you swing.  If the head moves backward out of position it must try to move forward into proper position at impact resulting in mishit shots.  This is the biggest cause of inconsistency and forces players to adjust their swing motion to counteract their head being out of position.

Practice stable head position by:

  1. Placing the bill of your hat against a wall and swinging your arms, no club needed.
  2. Looking ahead at a target while swinging the club
  3. Placing your feet together and swinging the club

Fundamentals:  Stable Head Position, Feel

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Stable Head Position

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