Brush the Grass

Let's get swinging with the Brush the Grass drill.  When you can execute this small swing and feel your arms move without tension and hear the club brush the grass you are off to a great start.

Don't take this small swing lightly.  You must be able to swing and hear the club brush the grass without tension.  If your Address Position is out of balance you will feel tension in your hands or your body.  Release the tension and have fun with this small swing.

Practice looking up in front of you at different levels; the ground three feet away from the ball, six feet away, nine feet, etc. until you are looking up directly in front of you.

The Key Components of the drill are:

  1. Feel the club hit the ground.
  2. Feel your arms swing without tension.
  3. Look in front of you to see your head remain stable.

Fundamental - Full arm extension, feel the weight of the clubhead, Head Stability

Click below to watch

Brush the Grass

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