Feet Together

This drill allows you to feel if the club is out of balance during the swing.  How?  When you swing and feel too much weight on your toes or your heels at any time during the swing, then the club is out of balance.

Address the ball with your feet very close together, say 3 or 4 inches apart.  Make a full swing to feel the balance of the clubhead.  When it gets easier to keep your balance, hover your back foot heel (right heel for right handed players and left heel for left handed players) slightly off the ground.

With this drill you should be able to:

  • Feel your weight on the arches of your feet during the swing
  • Complete a full swing in balance - swing fast, don't chicken out and go slow
  • Feel the weight of the clubhead - release your grip pressure to 3 out of 10 if you can't
  • Maintain a stable head position

To master this drill ask a friend to watch your feet and tell you when they become stable and balanced instead of unsteady and wavering.  This is such a fun drill to practice as you can feel when you are doing it correctly.

Fundamentals – Footwork and balance, steady head position, feel the weight of the clubhead

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Feet Together

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