Putting Grip and Address Position

This video teaches a proper putting address position and swing.  Again, balance is key at address.

A proper putting grip will feel like you are holding a clipboard between your hands.  The clipboard should be aimed straight at your nose.  The clipboard should not hit the inside of your forearms during the swing.

A proper address position has four elements:

  1. Eyes are directly over the ball so you can look directly down the target line
  2. Ball position in the middle of your stance
  3. Arms under shoulders, or arms hanging straight down
  4. Balance on the arches of the feet

The putt swing is a balanced pendulum swing.  I call this swing a “one piece swing” as your arms and hands operate as one piece.  The balance is in the length of the swing; if you take the putter back 6 inches you should follow through 6 inches.

In putting, as well as all other swings, you should hold the finish.  Holding the finish will allow you to complete the swing.  If you do not hold the finish you will not complete the swing and the swing will not be balanced.

Putting accounts for 40% of your score, yet most people only practice putting 10% of the time.

Fundamentals – The Grip and Address Position.

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Putting Grip and Address

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